2013 and onwards

Just put my thanks on Face book but for those who only read this page here go’s thank you every last one of you who came along put up with my cynicism my humour and my mood moments .

You all deserve a medal as and an hearty thank you from me, thank you but no medal sorry got none left handed them all out at Sandringham.

We have had one very special year great weather ,fabulous crowds moments of magic and some sad stuff but we should all be proud of how we have treated ,looked after,helped thousands of  the public and followers of Scurrybandits to enjoy their visit to the Living Heritage shows ,you lot are unsurpassed by any other group out there ,you lot in my eyes are  has good as it gets, this not a criticism of any other group but you are what me and Cliff hoped for nearly 10 years ago when the concept of Scurrybandits was first hatched. a great group doing scurries proud.

What of 2014 well more working tests more tweaks and twiddles to make the scurries better,recruit more helpers smile a lot more red wine new venues to conquer ,some obstacles to get over but these are just niggles.

I for the first time in the existence of scurrybandits believe we have it right and that is down to all of you.

Thank you from Bobp