Mixed bag

The first part of the year as been a real mixed up set of shows sunny ,wet ,cold ,hot,good dogs ,bad dogs good handlers some need training,coming up to Woburn Abbey and the weather seems to be in a quandary as to what to do. We will be there running the scurries dummy launcher,Slick Six […] Read more »

3 shows done and more to come

Strange start to the year warm sunny weather mixed with wet stuff.Good crowds some days other ghost town and tumble weed. Having said that, the crowds that we have had have been excellent some cracking dogs and some good competition. This year started with Thoresby ,well not strictly true we started at The Shooting Show […] Read more »

2013 and onwards

Just put my thanks on Face book but for those who only read this page here go’s thank you every last one of you who came along put up with my cynicism my humour and my mood moments . You all deserve a medal as and an hearty thank you from me, thank you but […] Read more »

What has,what is, and what could happen

What has happened ,well we had Netley Marsh then we went on to Burghley House then we did Woburn Abbey and 3 cracking show good weather good crowds and you lot so what could be better.  Some of the results from the dummy launcher and bale jump are so close only point zero 3 between […] Read more »

Burghley and Fonmon Castle

Any one out there know if they are camping at Burghley if so let me know. Hope the weather is as good as Netley Marsh and the crowds bigger ,but that’s just greedy. Anyone in the Vale of Glamorgan  area wishing to help out at Fonmon Castle on the 15th and 16th June please give us a […] Read more »

Netley Marsh and beyond

That was an incredible weekend massive crowds hundreds of dogs, summer cloths, people sat in the sunshine watching it all unfold, brilliant. The weekend started with me meeting up with Micheal Casey a photographer who was there to snap a few horses and spent Saturday and Sunday shooting dogs ,follow links on facebook for the shots from […] Read more »

Fonmon Castle

Due to rain soaked ground the event planned for the 16th 17th March is cancelled this is a big disappointment for everyone concerned as we where all looking forward to this one in SouthWales but not to be .It is booked for next year so watch this space Read more »


Welcome to the new Scurry Bandits website.  I am still looking for some more photos – so if you have any, please contact me though the Facebook page! Forget that – I have loads of photos now and they are all wonderful – I’m really sorry if I don’t use yours!  Thank you all very […] Read more »