Mixed bag

The first part of the year as been a real mixed up set of shows sunny ,wet ,cold ,hot,good dogs ,bad dogs good handlers some need training,coming up to Woburn Abbey and the weather seems to be in a quandary as to what to do.

We will be there running the scurries dummy launcher,Slick Six and Bales and Nat Cannon is running a retriever come spaniel test by the lake over the 2 days pay on the day and repeat entry if you need the practice.

June and July are going to be busy here there and everywhere dog shows, hound shows ,Champion shows at Peterborough hounds show same venue, Fosbury’s do down in Upavon,fair at Chelmsford and working at CLA.

Invited to run a scurry work shop in October that should be fun shooting season starts on 20th September then every Friday and Saturday till the close with a couple of Wednesdays thrown in for good measure.

Already getting dates together for 2015 and this one is not even halfway through.

We still have the finals at Sandringham and the Bowood days for those who can not make Sandringham.

The lay out for the dogs at Living Heritage is going to be changing after  Woburn Abbey and should have a more dog village layout with breeds, terriers,hounds ,clinic ,fun dog show, scurries,lurchers more integrated than in the past.Well thats the plan!!

See you all soon some where have a good summer and stay healthy