3 shows done and more to come

Strange start to the year warm sunny weather mixed with wet stuff.Good crowds some days other ghost town and tumble weed.

Having said that, the crowds that we have had have been excellent some cracking dogs and some good competition.

This year started with Thoresby ,well not strictly true we started at The Shooting Show and that was a very pleasant surprise ,ground wet skies clear so all in all very good competition from the Spaniel teams. Thoresby next in the diary saw the return of the Spaniels fighting it out to see who owned the fastest dog.Mad family outings both of these shows but no Burberry handbags to be seen.

Beccles and Henham Park next stop brand new and what a result great crowd and some  good dogs ,what a mad weekend looking forward to going back in 2015.The working test at Thoresby and Beccles proving to be a hit with the punters or paying public these will be back next year maybe in a different form but they will be back.

Fonmon Castle ,cancelled in 2013 and close this year ,boy was the ground wet and sticky,but the crowds came and them boys from the valley’s  ran some good dogs,good to catch up with some old friends .

Off to Thame next week and lets hope the weather is kind to us.

You may have seen the trophies on facebook for Sandringham donated by Gilbertson and Page these look grand I pick them up after Thame and these are perpetual so you only going to keep for 11 1/2 month I need them back you will of course get a trophy to keep.

We have this year tried to find  a range of different prizes and we are in addition to the dog food Petspec and rosettes giving away Jackets  ,shirts and socks along with Indigo collar tags and an assortment of dummies leads and lanyards with the Duncan

Countrylife design trophies on top,with I believe the Countryways trophies as well for open novice and junior multi challenge winners.