What has,what is, and what could happen

What has happened ,well we had Netley Marsh then we went on to Burghley House then we did Woburn Abbey and 3 cracking show good weather good crowds and you lot so what could be better.  Some of the results from the dummy launcher and bale jump are so close only point zero 3 between the first 3  .03 that’s close.

Woburn was a new site for us and it worked everyone I spoke to had a great day out lots of new faces and new dogs ,hope we go back next year could prove to be a venue for a special scurry who knows.

Burghley is just getting better the crowds where good and the dogs excellent  ,the Working test numbers are getting stronger so that’s a positive .Just got to keep working at it.

What is happening the list for Sandringham is growing slowly new names new dogs and this one ain’t just about speed Cliff is on the case and so are me and Nat ,we got a new test for you team event 3 in a team ,but don’t go running off to find your players question is do you want to run or not. All will be revealed check out this site and facebook.

Plans well under way for Best of the Best scurries food drink scurries  sounds good to me 17th 18th August don’t forget Cliff’s place.

What could happen ,you lot could turn up at Annies this weekend you could come to the Kent show and we could meet at the CLA

And what could and probabily will not BT COULD SORT OUT MY INTERNET.