Netley Marsh and beyond

That was an incredible weekend massive crowds hundreds of dogs, summer cloths, people sat in the sunshine watching it all unfold, brilliant.

The weekend started with me meeting up with Micheal Casey a photographer who was there to snap a few horses and spent Saturday and Sunday shooting dogs ,follow links on facebook for the shots from the weekend.

For those who missed the do we had a dummy launcher that landed on the brow of an hill in grass that hid the dummy, very challenging even for the experienced handlers. Next door we ran a single bale high 2 wide  5 jumps 50 meter long  and that proved  to be the tightest fought competition with only .01 of a second splitting first and second and .4 from 1st to 3rd great running from Ollie ,Farley and Nico.

The three dummy pick up for junior ,novice and open had some dogs and handlers realizing that more work is needed.Amazing how many handlers only train their dogs to go as far as they can throw a tennis ball.

Having now being doing scurries for so long it is a pleasure to see old faces with new dogs. It is and would be unfair to pick out high lights from the show because there where so many and to miss someone out would be wrong. on a topic that is alive else where we had some magic kids Ellis Josh Gemma Caitlin Charlie and a multitude of others anyone missing sorry.

Two novice graduated into open and a chocolate Labrador got 3 place in the in the novice pick up not sure what to say other that I have now gone into care after saying that they where getting better..

Off to Burghley House in Stamford next week to set up and do some work  so I will keep you posted because we have Woburn Abbey, Annie coming up very soon .

love to all and see you soon.